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Build Self Love

Not interested in performing, or need an extra spark before going there? It's hard to put your heart and soul on stage or in the world? Join us for Womoonifesting New Moon Circle or the Becoming Babelicious Initiation to manifest your dreams with resilience, power and pleasure.

Learn Burlesque

ShowGirls dance from the heart. Sharing their stories of struggle, strength, sexuality, joy and hilarity. Explore your inner performer, take it to the stage, or play with a sassy Burlesque workout.  All experience levels and people welcome!

Burlesque Shows

All ShowGirls need an audience and we'd love to shine our light all over you! Come see our productions or book our more experienced performers to sexy up your event or teach a private class.  Don't miss our Whole Lotta Love Tribute to Zeppelin Valentine's Day!

Ditch shame, build confidence and rule your world!  These secrets helped me beat the Mommy blues, shimmy off imposter syndrome and put spice back into my life!

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