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Becoming Babelicious

A potent combination of Movement & Mindset Magick and community support to release Limiting Beliefs like shame, self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome and rule your life! 

Learn Burlesque

Sacred Sparkle Burlesque honors all aspects of femininity and experience levels.  Breaking free of shame, we strut into the most glittering manifestations of ourselves, shining our light for all, but most importantly for ourselves.


Whether it be our annual Whole Lotta Love Tribute to Zeppelin or student showcases, we celebrate the beauty and sex appeal of all bodies. Drop into a show or contact us about booking our more experienced performers to spice up your event.

Ditch shame, build confidence and rule your world!  These secrets helped me beat the Mommy blues, shimmy off imposter syndrome and put spice back into my life!

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