Becoming Babelicious

Being successful, radiant and feeling sexy sounds amazing -- but it's hard when you feel overwhelmed by life and like you're prioritizing everyone but yourself.

Been there!

A few years after the birth of my second child I felt zapped, drained, and lost in my life.


I felt like an imposter, unable to balance being a mother, a friend, excel at my job, I was losing my marriage, and I wasn't at all happy about my body.

I started performing Burlesque to reclaim my sensual power and it worked -- almost.  Though I could portray enticing sexuality on stage, it didn't always come home with me.

I didn't know it at the time, but I had been struggling so much and was so afraid of drowning in my own feelings that I was disconnecting all over and avoiding them. 

I was prioritizing everyone in my life before myself, but we were all suffering because I was deeply unhappy, avoiding my real problems and distracting myself with too much drinking and escaping and more commitments than anyone could manage well.

But even through this someone deep inside me, my truest, most loving self, knew that there could be no healing and wholeness without feeling, and I was slowly building a system of tools for myself to become balanced and resilient enough to feel all of my feelings, even the messy ones, start letting my shadows dance into the light and claim the career and personal vibrance I desired for myself.


This isn't easy in our current patriarchy dominated world, especially if you're going it alone or trying to learn from "experts" who act like they have it all figured out.  The truth is that we all struggle to feel comfortable in our skin and sort out how to share ourselves with the world, and that this isn't something we sort out and move on -- it's an ongoing practice of devotion to ourselves.

I'm inviting you to rediscover yourself and connect with your power through Becoming Babelicious, my practice of Mindset & Movement Magick, that releases anxiety, judgement, negative self talk - bye Imposter Syndrome! - and sets you on the path of devotion to achieving professional success, mutually supportive, committed relationships and celebration of your power and pleasure.

Becoming Babelicious connects you with your feelings and makes feeling them comfortable -- even the "icky" ones -- so you can trust the wisdom of your body, stop getting tangled in your mind and being influenced by people, messages and limitations that don't serve you, and instead rule your life.  You may even even get to feeling juicy and sexy!

This is a wonderful precursor or support for Burlesque -- it's a lot of the core confidence practices I would have loved before performing -- and perfect if you never want to touch a toe on stage.





  • 8 Recorded Mindset Magicks for shifting you from shame and scarcity to confidence and abundance.

  • 8 Recorded guided Movement Magicks to feel and process what is shared in the Mindset Magicks. * Requires paid Spotify account for playing the music.

  • Personal Practice prompts and realistic tools for developing and sustaining your Mind-Body-Spirit Connection leading you to trust yourself and your feelings.

  • 3 month membership in the Babelicious Circle.  Babelicious Circle is our weekly meeting to share, support and celebrate each other.  We work together on Mindset Magicks, dance and occasionally hear from special guests such as my personal mentors. 

  • 3 30-minute Private Support Sessions with Eva D'Luscious.

  • Monthly New Moon Forecast for Manifesting your goals and dreams.

  • Sacred, protected space to be vulnerable and try on new ways of being.

  • Discounts on other ShowGirl Sacred Sparkle Burlesque Initiation & FriYAY Burlesque Classes

  • Celebration of a new, more confident You!

Circles meet Tuesdays 6:30-8pm PT, recordings will be sent to all participants.  Additional days and times may be added to future sessions depending on demand, so message me if a different day and time works better for you!


Following the Initiation period, you are invited to with this practice, continue building community and revel in your delicious self by becoming a monthly Babelicious Circle member or a Moonifestor to attend only the New Moon Meetings.  



- Ready to rule their life, but a little unsure of how to do it.
- Done with society dictating your self expression.

- In a space of change or uncertainty, but curious about getting into your depths and defining "sexy" and                               "radiant" for yourself.

- Desire being in a community of who supports your growth and sees strength in vulnerability.

- Ready to release Limiting Beliefs like self-doubt, shame, not enoughness and Imposter Syndrome, and dance                     through challenges into the fullness of yourself. 



- You don’t feel like it’s not OK or possible to take time for yourself. 

- You have unprocessed trauma around sex. I’m not professionally trained for addressing assault or abuse. Becoming         Babelicious can be a great companion to working with a trained counselor but it isn’t a replacement. I encourage you       to seek professional counseling for this healing -- you are more than worth it!
- You're not in a space to work on deep change for yourself. Personal healing can be hard, messy and not always fun. I       endeavor to make this as welcoming and supportive as possible, Babelicious Circle is here to support you, and this is         still tough stuff. To create the life you want you'll have to release some old stories and ways of being and stop                     fighting for your limitations. I make no claim that this is easy, only that it's worth it. 

I want to be clear: I'm not shaming you if it's not your time -- I applaud you for knowing what's right for yourself!  Do get my
7 Secrets of Burlesque so you can continue receiving tidbits about body acceptance and love, Burlesque fun and my occasional rants.  I’ll be here when the time is right for you.  Book a Free Consult if you want to talk more or join us for the next free trial class -- links below.




Sacred Space
I'm your fierce, weird Auntie holding space for you to be vulnerable and try on different movements and new ways of being without judgement.  


My mission is to reveal your highest, most shining self and I won’t buy into your previous stories about limitations.  I will hold a loving mirror up for you to see your true strength and beauty in being soft and flexible enough to shift, and powerful enough to claim your glorious self. 


In our weekly meetings we process energy and emotions in a protected container, through guided movement and discussion with plenty of encouragement, group sharing and lots of humor (Warning: I’ll probably drop an F Bomb here and there).  In these sessions, you have space to explore connecting with your sacred power that society has told you are off limits or shameful to discuss.

Embodied Change
Though we are talking about profound spiritual concepts and creating shifts in our minds, we live in bodies.  I’ll help you develop a practice to ground positive mindset concepts in your body, so you won’t be swirling about them in your head, instead you’ll be taking life changing action.  


These are the same techniques I live myself, and have shared with students and friends who continue blossoming in their personal and professional lives.

Community Connection

Every star needs an audience and supporting cast.  Your partners in this course, and all the existing members of ShowGirl Temple are here to cheer for you as you reveal your most fabulous self.  


One of our most important tenets is supporting each other in word and deed.  My students have built lasting friendships, helped each other find jobs, and continue to show up for each other.  


In our time together you will learn the importance of celebrating all accomplishments -- even small ones -- and how sharing and being witnessed helps you shine even brighter.



I've struggled almost my entire life with body shame and feeling disconnected from my body.  I joined Becoming Babelicious to work on these issues but I came away from the program with practices I can use in many different areas of my life.  


I don't have a dance background and learning how movement can be used in conjunction with mindset practices was a breakthrough for me.  Reconnecting with my body through movement helps me get out of my head and be present in my body. 

Eva creates a very safe space for doing this work and I greatly valued the contributions of the other class participants. My personal experience was enriched by the opportunity to witness my classmates and by allowing myself to be seen by them. As a result of Becoming Babelicious, my body shame issues have significantly improved, I have tools I can access when I struggle to maintain a positive mindset, and I've got some fun and sexy dance moves to boot!


I got the most value out of the parts that offered alternative ways of thinking/doing. It went beyond “don’t hold onto limiting beliefs” and gave tangible steps to replacing our old bad habits with healthier ones. I think that’s really key for creating change. 

It’s hard enough to break habits, but significantly harder if you don’t have something to fill the empty space the old habit leaves behind. I loved replacing habits and mindsets that don’t serve me with much more empowering, healthy, and enjoyable habits and mindsets.

I was surprised how quickly I started seeing results. I expected it to take much longer before I noticed changes in my life. Instead, I saw changes in thoughts and feelings early on - which led to changes in behaviors soon after.


Before joining Becoming Babelicious I had no clue how to rock performing with confidence. I didn't quite know moves to do, therefore I'd get stuck in my head and start to doubt myself. The most valuable part of the program was learning confidence-boosting mental hacks while also practicing Burlesque so I could keep my mental chatter to a minimum. 


I'd recommend this program to anyone wanting to build faith in their body movement, who wants a community of body-positive friendships, while also learning how to own their sass.

Ready to reclaim your Body Magick and rule your life? 


Wondering if Babelicious is right for you? Have a few questions before committing? Let's chat!

I'm happy to hear your thoughts, answer your questions, and make sure you have everything you need to make your decision. Click below to schedule a free consult with me or join the next free trial class.

Becoming Babelicious

Movement & Mindset Magick for ruling your life.

Ditch shame, build confidence and rule your world!  These secrets helped me beat the Mommy blues, shimmy off imposter syndrome and put spice back into my life!
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