Sacred Sparkle Burlesque

In ShowGirl Temple we dance free of shame and step into our most glittering manifestations -- shining our light for all, including ourselves. ShowGirl Temple is Body Positive and welcomes performers of varied skill levels, all backgrounds and gender identities.

If you're new to Burlesque our Sacred Sparkle Initiation will take you through the foundations of creating a Solo Act in a loving space, and prepare you for performing in our online or live showcases and applying to other productions.  Click below to be notified when the Initiation opens.

If you've already completed a beginning solo or Burlesque 101 series, stay tuned for the opening of our Sacred Sparkle Burlesque Circle which includes monthly Q&A meetings, access to Eva's FriYAY Burlesque classes, monthly skill building videos such as chair and f
an dancing, boa work and stocking peels and discounts for act development series.  Click the link below to be notified when the Circle opens.


- Foundation Videos: Storytelling & Choreo; Costuming; Stage Makeup; Posing & Facial Expressions; Selecting a Stage         Name; Professionalism in Burlesque; Avoiding Appropriation; & Video Vixen: Look Great On Video
- Dance Technique Videos: Basic Burlesque Moves Warmup; 3 P’s & Peeling Demo; Hot Tips; The Right Touch; And We       Strut; Tassel Twirling; Stretching; Slink Sauce Dance
- Becoming Babelicious High Points Video on building confidence and Body Magick off stage

- Access to ever expanding list of Burlesque Resources for costuming, additional learning and inspiration

- Private Online Classroom for course materials and ongoing Q&A
- Access to FriYAY Burlesque Movement classes during Initiation Period (join live or receive the recording)

- Monthly Zoom Q&A
- 3 Private Act Development Sessions: 1 with Eva to determine act focus and storyline and 1 to workshop choreography;     and 1 more with the High Priestess of your choice
- Glam Shot Online Photoshoot with Vanity Thorn.  Includes pre-shoot consult and 3 finished digital promo images 

- Instruction on lighting and camera set up for photos and video


Upon completed the Initiation you're eligible to perform in a ShowGirl Temple Showcase either online (public or private according to your preference), and in person when we can safely gather.  In person showcases happen in Portland, OR. 

If you cannot come to Portland, we will do our best to help you apply to Burlesque shows in your local area (we can't promise bookings from other producers, but we'll help you through the process and share with them why we recommend you).

You may join any time once the course launches. Initiation period is 3 months.  Following the Initiation you're invited to join our Sacred Sparkle Burlesque Circle.


- Makeup Kit (own or as recommended by Vanity Thorn)

- Performance Costume

- Bluetooth photo remote (optional, but makes selfies much easier)

- Rehearsal space of some sort

- Time set aside each week for watching the videos, and for act development, costume work, makeup & hair play

- Willingness to take risks and have fun in a new way!

SERIES COST: Total cost of the Solo Series is $597. Amount may be made in payments.  Scholarships available for BIPOC and Trans students.


PRIVATE CLASSES:  The series includes 3 30-minute private sessions. Additional classes are available for $40/hour (the discounted for Initiation participants & ongoing ShowGirl Temple Students).

SACRED SPARKLE BURLESQUE CIRCLE: $35 month. Includes monthly Q&A meetings, access to Eva's FriYAY Burlesque classes, monthly skill building videos such as chair and f
an dancing, boa work and stocking peels and discounts for act development series -- ya, it's a screamin' good deal!




** High Priestess of Tease and International Burlesque Performer Eva D’Luscious covers act development, including storytelling through dance, principles of musicality, choreography and stage presence, how to break down music and her 3Ps of Striptease.


Eva is a Portland-based MC, burlesque performer, producer and instructor and confidence coach known for putting her students at ease and instigating a love of all things sparkly. A self-avowed dance, holistic living and fitness nerd on a mission to unite and uplift through joyful movement, she has supported many people in revealing their sparkly selves. Eva has performed Burlesque since 2010 appearing in several festivals and stages in America and Canada. Since 2016 she has used her lifelong dance training and experience as a group fitness instructor to help experienced and new performers shine on the Burlesque stage. 



** Hailing from the sexy side of the moon, Luna Phaze mystifies audiences wherever she goes.  Luna has always had a passion for self-improvement and building confidence from within. She takes her position as High Priestess of Fluff very seriously. She loves to help women tap into their inner confidence, overcome self-doubt and find their personal brand of shine.  Luna does her best to lift each student up, encourage and support them throughout their time at ShowGirl Temple and beyond.


Luna has been a featured performer at the Enchanted Forest Music Festival & Burning Man.  With her Classic glamorous style and sexy sass, she’ll leave you wanting more!



**As the High Priestess of Glam for Showgirl Temple, Vanity Thorn brings 10+ years of work in the beauty and fashion industry to create workshops accessible to all levels of learners. Her focus is the demystification of high glamour, so that all students may adopt the knowledge of their innate sexuality. 


Vanity Thorn consistently strives to fill the world with a more diverse representation of beauty, through rejecting mainstream media standards of attractiveness. She dismisses the notion that there is only one way to be sexy. Professional techniques are not to be limited to only the select group mandated by Industry elites. 



*** Reminder that material taught in class and course notes are the creative property of the instructors and may not be shared publicly without their prior written consent. Thank you for respecting Artists!

Becoming Babelicious

Movement & Mindset Magick for ruling your life.

Ditch shame, build confidence and rule your world!  These secrets helped me beat the Mommy blues, shimmy off imposter syndrome and put spice back into my life!
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