Setting Goals with The Moon

In the book, Moonology, Yasmin Boland lays out a system for manifesting through connecting to the moon. I’ve used this system--especially focusing on the New Moon--for several years and have been very happy with the results.

Astrologically, each New Moon progresses through the Zodiac -- sometimes skipping a sign and sometimes catching the same sign for two cycles in a row. These variations give us a rest from a certain sign and it’s indications or extra chances to work with it! 


Every New Moon is caused by the Sun and the Moon being in the same part of the sky at the same time. So, no matter where you live on Earth, everyone around you is experiencing the energy of each New Moon together. It is a potent astrological moment.


That being said, every person embodies a unique experience of each New Moon, according to their individual life circumstances and their one-of-a-kind natal chart. 


Depending on what sign the Moon is in (and, thus, where it shows up in your natal chart), the associated energies at play will show up differently. We’ll discuss this more in our monthly meetings.

With each New Moon moving forward through the signs, the energy also advances through an individual’s Astrological Houses (the 12 pie-slices you see in a circular birth chart or sky chart).


The Houses are determined by your Rising Sign (which is determined by the time and location of birth). For example, I’m Capricorn Rising so a Capricorn New Moon will (most likely) be in my 1st House, while another person with a different Rising Sign would have it in a different House, and it would show up in a different part of life.

The Houses describe these different parts of life and point to the main energies you have an opportunity to work with each month, and where your manifestation is most powerful.

Each House can also be said to represent an aspect of personal development, so the 1st House of Self is about your Self Image, or many astrologers say your personal brand. The 12th House of the Subconscious is about going within to evaluate, integrate, explore your shadows, and understand what you want to bring forth. You might think of it as your personal Winter.

Several years ago, I realized that I often got very ill around our Winter holidays, when there’s usually a lot of going out, bustling around, and celebrating. Even as a child those were the worst illnesses I had. So, I started doing less around that time, staying quiet and resting. 

My health did improve, and not long after, while I was searching for more understanding, I came across Moonology. When I found my Rising sign, I learned that the Sun (and thus, the New Moon, when the Moon joins the Sun) is in my 12th House during Sagittarius season, the time leading up to the Winter holidays.

This synergy felt so powerful that I wanted to work with the system more, so I began organizing my life and goals in flow with the Moon.

This is how I work with it now:

-When the Sun (& New Moon) fall in my First House (which for me lands around our Gregorian New Year), I put my annual goals in my journal. I keep to around 10 goals that range from personal to professional.

-Each lunation, I check back in with the specific goals and write in my progress (or not), and adjust as needed.

-I spend time reflecting and journaling on what has happened over that lunation.

-On the Full Moon I write my gratitudes and have a little celebration or howl at the moon.

-When planning major activities in my year, I line them up as much as I can with the flow of my Houses. I’m especially careful about leaving lots of space while the Sun (and New Moon) are in my 12th House.

To work with the Moon in this way, run your chart as recommended by Melanie, and note your Rising Sign. Then, bring your chart with you to each New Moon meeting to learn which House is up for you, what energies are being activated for you, and suggestions on how to work with them.

We will go over how it all works and continue to provide valuable resources here in the group!


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