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Cosmic Sky

Ditch shame, build confidence and rule your world!  These secrets helped me  beat the Mommy blues, shimmy off imposter syndrome and put spice back into my life!


Revel in the glitter scattered over you by our delightful performers,

or shimmy in a little deeper and learn Burlesque yourself! 


ShowGirl Temple helps womxn who feel life has sucked away their sexy reconnect with their sensual selves, build self confidence, and rule their lives through the playful, delicious fun of Burlesque Dance.

We connect with all aspects of femininity -- ferocity, frustration, fear, joy, determination, sweetness, sexuality. Breaking free of shame, we strut into the most glittering manifestations of ourselves, shining our light for all, but most importantly for ourselves.

Join us for speciality technique and choreography workshops, Burlesque Solo Series or the full ShowGirl Temple Initiation: Becoming Babelicious.


Our specialty entertainers add saucy goodness to any special event. From Burlesque, Cirque, Belly Dance, Sideshow and DJs, we’ve got talent for your own private show or to enliven your party.

Our entertainers are experienced in working in large and small events for many themes, some of our favorites are: 1920s, Tropical, Vintage Circus/Carnival, Mid-Century Fabulous and Zeppelin!


ShowGirl Temple High Priestess of Tease Eva D’Luscious has been creating enticing to celebrate Body Magick since 2012. Our annual tribute to Zeppelin, Whole Lotta Love, travels the range of heart break and love each February. Quarterly ShowGirl Temple Showcases feature our newest dancers and High Priestesses. Occasionally we collaborate with local musicians in Portland, OR, and NorCal for old school Burlesque extravaganzas.



Get your Movement Medicine!

  • Burlesque Moves @10-10:30am PT

    Monday, Thursday

    30 min

    Donations Welcome



Get started with fun, easy to follow video classes you can do anytime, anywhere!

All choreography remains property of Eva D'Luscious.



Workshop Acts and More with Eva D'Luscious

  • Two Sessions w/ Eva for Act Creation with music, concept and storyline

    1 hr 30 min

    350 US dollars
  • Schedule a private or semi-private class with Eva for 1-2 students

    1 hr

    83 US dollars
  • Schedule a private or semi-private class with Eva for 1-2 students

    2 hr

    166 US dollars
  • Win a prize at a show? A private class with Eva for you and a friend.

    30 min




Eva D'Luscious
High Priestess of Tease

Eva helps women who feel Life has sucked away their sexy and left them feeling not enough reconnect with their sensual selves, build self confidence and rule their lives through the playful, delicious fun of Burlesque Dance.

Dubbed the "Godmother of Glitter" by her students for her ability to put them at ease and instigate a love of all things sparkly, she's a self avowed dance holistic living and fitness nerd on a mission to unite and uplift through joyful movement.

A lifelong dancer, she began performing Burlesque in 2010 in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has been helping experienced and totally new dancers unlock their Body Magick and reconnect to their sparkly selves since 2014.

She is now based in Portland, OR, with her teen boys and husband, and continues producing shows in Sonoma County CA and touring to perform and teach as much as possible.

Charlie Sharp
High Priestess of Booty Booty

Charlie Sharp is a traveling burlesque artist, instructor, and advocate for body inclusivity based out of Phoenix, Arizona. She is known for her dominating, high-energy performances. After getting her start under Spellbound Burlesque in Phoenix, Charlie has spread her art across the US and Canada. Some of her more notable performances have been at the Vancouver Burlesque Festival ( Vancounver, B.C. 2019), The Show Me Burlesque Festival (St. Louis, MO 2019), The Mobile Burlesque Festival (Mobile, AL 2019) and The Suga Shaq (Seattle, WA 2019). When not performing she is active in building her local community and passionate about teaching and self development.

Charlie believes that every kind of person in every kind body deserves to feel comfortable in their skin. She encourages her students to take what they need and let the rest fall away, In classes and in life. Charlie’s unique perspective comes from learning everything she teaches as an adult. This helps her connect to the challenges her adult students are facing now. Her teaching style is honest and realistic having experienced the work that goes into developing self-confidence, flexibility, and musicality first hand. 

Vanity Thorn
High Priestess of Glam

As the High Priestess of Glam for Showgirl Temple, Vanity Thorn brings 10+ years of work in the beauty and fashion industry to create workshops accessible to all levels of learners. 


Her focus is the demystification of high glamour, so that all students may adopt the knowledge of their innate sexuality. 


Vanity Thorn consistently strives to fill the world with a more diverse representation of beauty, through rejecting mainstream media standards of attractiveness. She dismisses the notion that there is only one way to be sexy. Professional techniques are not to be limited to only the select group mandated by Industry elites. 


These principles drive her to create classes for students that are fun, sexy, effective, and above all, attainable. 

Ri Ri SynCyr
High Priestess of Gems & Hems

Known as the Mayor of Chubbytown, Portland-based performer RiRi SynCyr has been shaking her glittering gams across the U.S. since 2003. This plus sized Puerto Rican cutie learned her love of performing from her parents. Her Papi was a salsa musician, and her mother is a professional classical bassoonist.


RiRi was taught to sew by her mother and grandmother at a young age and has been hand crafting her own costumes and clothing for most of her life. She’s learned some great tricks along the way on how to make beautiful things fit a fuller body.  Subsequently, she is known for her colorful costumes, character, creativity, and musicality.


Founder of the original BurlesqueFests.Com spreadsheet, she’s performed in countless festivals and shows from coast to coast. RiRi has studied under some of the biggest names and legends in burlesque, and her passion for continuing education extends to her role as Director of Development for BurlyCon.


In 2019 RiRi became co-producer for the Oregon Burlesque Festival, as well as for the inaugural Big Fat Burlesque Festival.

Ri Ri.png
Luna Phaze
High Priestess of Fluff

Hailing from the sexy side of the moon, Luna Phaze mystifies audiences wherever she goes.  Luna has always had a passion for self-improvement and building confidence from within. She takes her position as High Priestess of Fluff very seriously. She loves to help womxn tap into their inner confidence, overcome self-doubt and find their personal brand of shine.  Luna does her best to lift each student up, encourage and support them throughout their time at ShowGirl Temple and beyond.

Following her 2017 graduation from the All That Glitters Burlesque academy in Portland, Oregon she debuted by wowing the crowd at Papermoon Cabaret. Soon after she was spell-binding audiences performing up and down the West Coast.

Luna has been a featured performer at the Enchanted Forest Music Festival & Burning Man.  With her Classic glamorous style and sexy sass, she’ll leave you wanting more!

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