Break Imposter Syndrome


A few years ago I was selected to perform in a Burlesque festival that felt like a big deal to me. It was an act I'd performed several times, with a gorgeous custom costume for the top layers, and that had required extra learning and training when I first created it.

But as the festival approached I started to worry that it wasn't enough. I mean, yea, I had to submit a video to get accepted so the producers knew what I was bringing, but I would be on stage with a lot of glorious, hard working people -- and I wasn't sure my act was showing my full awesome.

Years past, I would have sunk into frustration and self doubt, maybe even pulled out of the fest. But having lived this a few times, I knew this was a signal that I was ready to bring more. I had integrated the learning from creating the act, and it did deserve more awesome.

So I went back to training and building on the choreography, invested in some fabulous new underbits that I sparkled the heck out of, and I rehearsed a lot more. It was a success!

I've learned that the trick to breaking Imposter Syndrome -- feeling like you're not enough, even with all the work you've done to reach a certain point -- is this:

Realize you’re a person who wants more out of life. Who wants to continually play bigger, do more, create change, and be visible.

Rather than playing the losing game of comparing yourself to others, consider what inspires you about them, and then think about what you can do to uplevel.

You’re NOT an imposter -- you’re READY TO GROW.

This could be reading books, taking courses, investing in training, seeking mentors, re-evaluating goals -- whatever the action is, it’s way better than constantly telling yourself you’re a phony or not enough.

I haven’t been able to track down the original source, but a wise person said: Comparison is the Thief of Joy.

So true! When we keep measuring ourselves against others who are further along in their process, we can get trapped into thinking we can't get there ourselves.

But we aren’t living that person’s life. We don’t know the training they’ve done, the struggles they’ve had and all the work they’ve done to get to the place where we're admiring them.

Certainly they can be inspiring, but let that be a taking off point for you to work toward your own version of awesome, not the measuring stick for your joy.

All achievements take time and effort -- no one, I repeat no one, gets to a point of success without work. Making it look easy is a skill they have honed over time, probably before you knew about them. And now you're signaling yourself that you too are ready for more.

Ready to break Imposter Syndrome? Get clear on your goals and take practical steps to achieve them -- Go! Want help with accountability or cheering on? Join our ShowGirl Temple Dancers Facebook Group -- we'd love to support you in growing your awesome and ruling your life!

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