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As our country blew up into Black Lives Matter protests earlier this year, I had to stop and consider where I was at in fighting for true diversity, inclusion and equity. I had always considered myself a supporter of equality, and tried to make our stage welcoming to all performers. And as I watched and listened I knew I absolutely needed to do more. One of the first discussions I tuned into was how to become an actively Anti-Racist small business. The presenters recommended learning and listening as a first step, rather than jumping into activities without being sure they will actually be supportive. So that's what I've been doing. A lot of reading, a lot of listening, a lot of thinking. Sharing here resources that I've found eye opening and informative, and encourage you to explore these and others. ShowGirl Temple will continue to sponsor Melange: A Queer & POC Variety Show, is pleased to have awarded a scholarship for BurlyCon to a PNW BIPOC performer, and has plans to offer additional scholarships. We will continue welcoming performers of various backgrounds, gender identities and body types to our stage, and examining how we can do better. We strongly encourage you to consider how you can support Anti-Racism in your daily life and heal our world as a whole, it truly will take all of us to create shift. I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in A World Made for Whiteness, Austin Channing Brown Me and White Supremacy, Layla F. Saad Milagros Philips, The Race Healer The Body Is Not An Apology: The Power of Radical Self Love, Sonya Renee Taylor Racism and The Dance World, Karida Griffith Prince George's County Memorial Library System -- various talks

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