Lovelies, I want to share with you a practical and easy tool I’ve used for upleveling my life these last few years: working with the Moon.

If you’re not into Astrology, this could seem a little woo, but hang with me, this is the most successful system I’ve used for setting and achieving long term goals. I’m still observing and learning how specific astrological signs activate certain energies along with the Moon, and so far it’s lined up very well with the flow I naturally feel in life and the more I do it, the happier I am with the results. In the time I’ve been more focused on Moonwork I’ve come to greater balance in my marriage by getting clarity on when I need personal time, when I’m ready for partnership work, and my own challenges around being in relationship. I’ve uncovered patterns that negatively affect friendships and my teaching -- especially by understanding how important it is to be present for others. And I rebranded my Burlesque teaching, producing and performing into ShowGirl Temple and have continued building a cohesive work life for myself that brings me great joy! I came upon the specific technique about four years ago, but my journey toward it started several years prior when I decided to end a pattern of illness that had existed since childhood.

Almost every Christmas and/or New Year’s Eve I was sick. I’d run around like everyone else between Thanksgiving and Christmas and eventually get run down and terribly sick -- not just a cold, but ear infections, Strep Throat, bronchitis, nasty flus. It was exhausting, boring and a real interruption in life!

After my children were born I decided to hole up through that time, stay close to home, rest, nourish myself and my family with healthy foods and less sweets, and be out a lot less.

My health improved and I knew I was on the right track, but coming to peace with this time and missing so many wonderful celebrations was hard -- the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is real! About four years ago I opened myself up for better understanding around this experience and came upon Yasmin Boland’s Moonology. In it she describes how the New Moon is a powerful time for setting goals/intentions/making wishes. Each of us progress through an Astrological House on the New Moon. (Heads up I recently learned that sometimes the New Moon stays in an astrological sign for two consecutive lunations so we can do extra work there -- thanks Melanie!) Each lunation, you advance through the Houses 1-12, then start over in your personal cycle. So in a year you can address each area of your life: 1st House for building your personal brand and being noticed; 4th House for focus on family and home; 7th House for sexy romance; and all the others. To learn which House you’re currently in, find your Rising Sign -- the sign that was on the Eastern Horizons when you were born.

I discovered that my 12th House -- my own personal Winter when I’m naturally disposed to go inward, compost and process to begin anew -- lands mid-November to mid-December.

Exactly the time repeated illness forced me inside, even as a little kid, and when honoring that time and resting set me up for starting a better personal new year.

This made so much sense, and was such an incredible synergy I had to know more about working with this system, so I started tracking and journaling my experiences like this: -In my 1st House (which for me lands near our Gregorian New Year), I write annual goals in my journal. I keep to around 10 total covering personal and professional goals. -Each lunation, I check back on each goal and write my progress (or not) -- and adjust as needed.

-I spend time reflecting and journaling on what has happened over that lunation. -On the Full Moon I write all of my gratitudes and have a little celebration or howl at the moon. -When planning major activities in my year, I line them up as much as I can with the flow of my Houses. I’m especially careful about leaving lots of space for my 12th House to rest, reflect, make business and life plans and power up for my next cycle. Prior to discovering this Moondance, I hadn’t found a system that worked for me, and it has truly made a difference in achieving personal growth and goals. After a few months of solo work, I created a New Moon Manifesting Circle with a group of friends. We all noticed synergies between our Houses and patterns in our lives, ready to go out and take on the world at certain times of year, preferring to rest quietly at home, energized in our work or all about travel -- wild! That circle led to the current Moon Body Magick Circle co-created with Melanie Gurley of Beautiful Astrology. It’s such a treat to have a co-leader with deep astrological knowledge to guide us through the fine points of the Houses and broader Moon energy! Join us if you’d like knowledgeable and supportive guides understanding how the Houses work for you.

Each month, Melanie gives us the overall astrological forecast, specifics for our Rising signs and helps us understand patterns. We support each other in sharing what has recently transpired, and I lead a Movement Medicine for working with the prevalent energies. All the details are here, and if you’d like to talk more about how working with the Moon has supported me, message me back! Bling & Blessings, Eva PS -- A word about using Astrology, it’s ancient and contains a lot of knowledge, so can be helpful for insight and seeing patterns, and even astrologers will tell you it isn’t the end all be all. It’s a tool toward understanding ourselves, but not the total explanation.

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