Unlock your SEXY self

Unlock your SEXY self whether you’re home alone longing for connection or negotiating constant close contact in a house bursting with people.

I came to BURLESQUE just after the birth of my second son -- now a middle schooler. Like now, it was a time of tremendous change and uncertainty for me. Balancing a job, daily care for a toddler and a baby, and showing up as a “good” wife, friend and community member, left me feeling exhausted and like an imposter in my life. I was unable to show up well in any of those areas and totally zapped of sexy energy. But I grew up dancing and performing, and that has always been my space for joy and connection. I was so inspired with the creativity, intelligence, humor, sparkle and confidence of the BURLESQUE performers I saw that I had to try it myself. Initially, Burlesque was an escape. I now realize that this sexy movement grounds and connects me to my confident self, and supports me in living a more joyful and balanced life.

That is the real BODY MAGICK OF BURLESQUE and SHOWGIRL TEMPLE ️I created the Burlesque Bedroom Show Starring You! Series to help you to shimmy into this sparkling world of self acceptance, unlock your Body Magick, and allow that sexy energy to boost your confidence.

In this 4-week Series you will: *Learn the mechanics of sensual movements that feel good in your body *Trust that you are a dancer *Explore techniques for the sexy presentation of your body, where it is right now *Get stripper tricks for graceful removal of clothing, and for costuming and makeup that highlights what you love (or for now like just a little) about your body *Learn a saucy dance routine for home play *Enjoy how these outside components unlock your Body Magick and connect to your sexy.

To ensure I can properly support you, I’ve limited enrollment in this program to 20 participants. And because I know that connecting with Body Magick will help you live a more balanced, joyful and grounded life we’re starting April 28.

The Burlesque Bedroom Show Is for you if: *You’re in a space of change or uncertainty, and ready to unlock your sexy self. *You’re done with society dictating your expression of sexuality. *You understand that practice makes sexy, and that this is a fun, but sometimes challenging practice. *You’re ready to sprinkle glitter (real or imaginary) over the body parts you prefer to hide, and see what happens. *Playing with sensual movement and the power of your own BODY MAGICK excites you.

The Burlesque Bedroom Show Is Not for you if: *You don’t feel like it’s OK or possible to take time for yourself. *You aren’t comfortable being a little uncomfortable. No worries!Like flowers we bloom at different times. Sometimes this movement exploration triggers emotions that aren't ready for release. *You have trauma around sex. I’m not a counselor trained for addressing assault or abuse, ShowGirl Temple can work alongside professional support for healing, but may be a replacement.

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